Aluminum Auto Body Repair in Olivette, MO


Why Choose Our Olivette Aluminum Auto Body Repair Shop

Auto Beauty Specialists has been the dependable choice for auto body and collision repair in the St. Louis area since 1964. We work with all insurance companies and our skilled technicians are capable of delivering quality repairs quickly — so you can be back on the road in no time! Look no further than Auto Beauty Specialists for reliable aluminum auto body repair in Olivette, MO.

With the latest tools and equipment, we are ready to take on your auto body repair work. At Auto Beauty Specialists, we have:

  • Current and Active I-Car Gold Shop Status
  • I-Car Certifications in Steel Welding, Steel Sectioning & Aluminum Welding
  • Dedicated Aluminum Repair Area with 3 Work Bays
  • 1 Dedicated Aluminum Frame Rack
  • Dedicated Aluminum Vacuum / Dust Extraction System
  • 3 Paint Booths Operating 24/7
  • PPG Waterborne Refinish Paint
  • 20 Work Bays
  • 4 Total Frame Racks
  • 2 2-Post Lifts
  • Car-O-Liner Measuring System
  • Resistance Welder, MIG Welder, Spot Welder & Aluminum Welder
  • 6 A+ Body Technicians with over 100 years of experience
  • 2 A+ Refinish Technicians with over 40 years of experience

Our Aluminum Auto Body Repair Procedures

As aluminum becomes more widely used in the construction of vehicles, it is important for car owners to know about the material.

Aluminum is a type of metal that is highly combustible when in a particulate or powder-like form. When repairing vehicles, whether from sanding or cut-in, there will definitely be a build-up of dust and particles over time. We at Auto Beauty Specialists demonstrate extreme caution and safety when performing repairs on all vehicles and are equipped with a dedicated aluminum vacuum system to clear out dust build-up.

Outside of safety for our customers, staff, and shop, contamination of aluminum vehicles or parts is a serious concern and may impact the quality of the repair or the finish. This manifests in the pitting of metal, peeling paint, and discoloration.

Aluminum and steel do not get along chemically and exposing aluminum vehicles and parts to steel dust and particles causes cross-contamination, which results in potential damage and corrosion. Galvanic corrosion happens to aluminum when it is exposed to steel because they have different electrode potentials. This creates an anode/cathode relationship that results in the anode being corroded much faster than normal. Our shop’s setup and the careful process we have in place allow us to execute high-quality repairs on both aluminum and steel-bodied vehicles without contamination.


Our Showroom & Property

Everything about our over 28,000-square-foot shop demonstrates that we are dedicated to quality. After your vehicle is completed, we deliver it to our climate-controlled showroom to present to you, in honest lighting, the finished repairs.

  • Immaculate Showroom
  • Hand-to-hand Delivery
  • Security Surveillance
  • Secure Fenced-in Lot

Get Started With Aluminum Auto Body Repair in Olivette, MO

From quick and reliable repairs to our friendly customer service, our auto body shop strives to be exceptional! Choose Auto Beauty Specialists for expert aluminum auto body repair in Olivette, MO.




From repairs to our customer service, we strive to be exceptional. For quick and reliable auto body repair work, choose our experienced team.