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Automotive Glass &
Windshield Repair
in Olivette, MO


Olivette Automotive Glass & Windshield Repair Services

Auto Beauty provides automotive glass and windshield repair services in Olivette, MO, on all makes and models of cars. Our experienced team handles all auto glass including windshield, back glass, windows, quarter glass, etc. quickly and we can get you back on the road with a clear view and quiet cabin in no time!


Windshield Replacement Services


Our auto glass technicians have experience and skill you can trust. We always hold our services to the highest quality standards and our work is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.


We understand that vehicle repair can be a major inconvenience, that’s why we ensure your auto glass is replaced as quickly as possible.

Customer Service

We are a family-owned company that treats you like one of our own and has your best interests in mind, always.


We provide you with updates every step of the way and can be your liaison with the insurance company.

Types of Replacement Automotive Glass

We can replace your broken auto glass with aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) glass. If your repair is going through insurance, your policy determines which auto glass you receive. If you are paying out of pocket, you can select which replacement glass type you would like.

We will work with your insurance company; however, we work FOR YOU. We pride ourselves on having our customers’ best interests in mind. That’s why we are more than happy to get you the solution you want – for example, if your insurance provider will only pay for an aftermarket auto glass replacement, you can pay the difference out of pocket for an OEM replacement.

Additional automotive glass replacement services include:

Window Trim
Window trim

We make repairs when possible; however, most of the time we replace window trim due to its fragility.

Window Motors
Window motors

We can correct broken window motors.

Match Existing Tinted Glass
Match existing tinted glass

In most cases can match your existing window tint.

Why a Damaged Windshield is Dangerous

Auto glass plays many roles within your vehicle. Auto glass helps maintain your vehicle’s overall integrity by stabilizing and supporting the roof in the event of a rollover. The windshield also acts as a safety component for the driver and passengers by protecting the cabin from flying debris during accidents and while driving.

In the event of an airbag deployment, the windshield works with the dashboard to stabilize and cushion it to deploy toward you and the other passengers. All of these factors contribute to the importance of keeping your automobile glass in perfect shape at all times. Our technicians will work to determine whether you need automotive glass and windshield repair or replacement.


Do Missouri Windshield Laws Require Me to Replace My Windshield?

Missouri law dictates:

  • All vehicles manufactured after 1936 should have windshields coated with a safety glazing material that makes them shatter-proof. The glass should also be free of missing pieces, sharp edges, or any breakage.
  • Star breaks (where cracks radiate from the point of impact) are prohibited, along with bull’s eye or half-moon chips that are within the driver’s line of sight or those within three inches of another broken area. If the bull’s eye or half-moon chip, regardless of its position, is bigger than two inches in diameter, a full cracked auto glass replacement is needed.
  • Missouri laws disallow chips, cracks, or glass stains higher than four inches from the bottom of the windshield, or those within the driver’s view. Cracks at least three inches long and within the wiper’s reach are also not permitted.

Our auto glass technicians abide by all Missouri windshield repair laws, and will ensure your windshield is installed correctly for the safety of you, your passengers, and other drivers. Contact us today about our premier automotive glass and windshield repair in Olivette, MO.

Car Window Motor Repair

Your car’s side windows are used more often than you might believe. Whether you roll the windows down to capture the breeze, order lunch at a drive-thru, make a deposit at the bank, or let your dog sniff the air, your motors will experience wear and tear over time. At Auto Beauty Specialists, we understand the importance of ensuring your broken window is repaired as quickly as possible. Our trained technicians will perform the necessary diagnostic procedures and implement a high quality repair or replacement strategy.

When you choose Auto Beauty Specialists for your automatic window motor replacement or repair, you’ll receive the best quality parts and service. Whether your window is stuck in a certain position, won’t go up or down, is off its track, or has broken power buttons, we will restore its function in a timely and professional manner. We will identify the root cause of the issue, then fix or replace what’s damaged. It’s never been easier to receive quality window motor repair!




Contact Us for Automotive Glass & Windshield Repair in Olivette, MO

Auto Beauty Specialists is St. Louis’ trusted shop offering a range of auto body repair services over the last five decades. Every service we perform is held to our high-quality standards and you can count on our knowledge and skill when it comes to your auto glass. Contact us to speak with our professional technicians about your automotive glass and windshield repair in Olivette, MO!



Insurance Process

We work with all major insurance providers and are knowledgeable on their various guidelines — so we’ll be your liaison in the matter.



We want our customers to know that the promise of a guarantee is not the same thing as a high quality, safe repair